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Women in Information Technology

Who introduced gender inequality – man or God? Was gender equality an artifact of the religions? What is the real measure for equality? How do women in IT contribute differently from women in any other industry? Should gender equality be brought about in every industry? What are the general implications of gender equality? For as… Read More

Security and Sochi

The Olympics are over, but fear and concerns dealing with the hacking of personal devices, such as laptops, cell phones, and tablets, will likely never be. Millions have seen the recent report, by journalist Richard Engel and Trend Micro threat researcher Kyle Wilhoit, which shows a computer and smartphone being hacked seemingly just by being… Read More

Dashboards for Business Intelligence

Why do cars have dashboards, with so many meters – Odometer, Speedometer, tachometer and it goes on. But what purpose does it really serve? It is to provide the drivers of the automobile an idea to gauge certain related parameters such as the indicators to low fuel, problems with oil pressure, tire pressure, etc. Similarly,… Read More

E-Commerce website using Drupal

Jump Starting an E-commerce Website using Drupal:- The Internet is now an affluent industry. With the technology advancing at a lightening rate, more and more people are aware of computers and internet. In this day and age people have become aware and are using the Internet for their daily needs. Here E-commerce websites become a… Read More

Internet Cookies

Winter is just around the corner in Buffalo and the weather is just right to think about cookies. Not the warm ones which entice your taste buds but definitely the ones which fire up your intellect. When I was analyzing browser cookies, I,as usual wit my attitude to digress, started wondering why the name Cookies?… Read More

Cloud Computing – Calculating Costs of Service Delivery

Identifying cost of delivery of the service is not as simple as it sounds. It involves a clear understanding of hourly labor effort, overhead incurred and also effort to support their customers. Hourly labor effort is calculated by dividing overall labor cost by 2080 weeks per year and overhead costs are calculated the same way.… Read More

Why Partial P2P in education?

‘It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it’ – Aristotle. The learning experience to which a child is exposed to has vital impact on his life and shapes his mind for the future. It has been observed in PROBE (Public Report on Basic Education) survey… Read More

Migrating your infrastructure to Private Cloud – Part III

In first two articles of this series, we have discussed the different private cloud providers and what factors drive the organizations to migrate their infrastructure to cloud. Need for migration? Approaches for migration Migrating process is not a straight forward process and involves various challenges and risks. In this article, we will discuss the challenges… Read More

Pervasive Computing in Home and Community

During the past 20 years, the pervasive computing architecture in home and community has developed different technologies that make possible using sensors, computers, and wireless communication tools to be involved in everyday life objects, from computers and other devices to umbrellas and raining boots, creating and implementing a range of applications. While these applications have… Read More

Security issues in decentralized social networks

Social networking is one of the most popular applications on the web with a massive user base of more than two thirds of the world’s Internet population. These sites were used as a medium to interact with people, whom they have networked offline. People readily provide their personal information in order to join these social… Read More