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E-Commerce website using Drupal

Jump Starting an E-commerce Website using Drupal:-

The Internet is now an affluent industry. With the technology advancing at a lightening rate, more and more people are aware of computers and internet. In this day and age people have become aware and are using the Internet for their daily needs. Here E-commerce websites become a frontrunner, reaching out to the millions of people searching for product or services online.

E-commerce or Electronic Commerce in a general sense means buying and selling of goods and services on the Internet. The advent of e-commerce websites has brought upheaval in the process of purchasing and selling goods. There are various websites like EBay, Amazon etc. that largely use e-commerce to make sales revenue

The advantages of having an e-commerce website are:-

  • Revelation - The diversity of products displayed on a website, provides a huge exposure to the millions of visitors on the web.
  • Time and expediency - Time is one of the crucial factors in our lives these days. Customers may find it difficult to practically visit a store every time. On the other hand, if one has an online store, anyone can pay a visit to the store at their own convenience.
  • Cost effective – Establishment and maintenance of a store in a primary locality is highly expensive. Using e-commerce is a whole lot easier technique of showcasing and providing information about your products. Moreover promotion of a store and its products can be carried out on timely basis. Advertising through web sources are also less compared to print or other media sources like radio or TV.

In an e-commerce website all that one needs is a good website design, which has a look and feel equally capable as your competitor, Search Engine Optimization to rank a website with other competitors, and the annual hosting charges.

Commerce Kick start is the quickest way to develop a functional e-commerce website using Drupal Commerce. It provides the latest versions of Drupal core, Drupal Commerce, and the other modules. It also gives you a set of options to create a fully-featured demo store with an attractive theme, catalog and search configuration, and a custom interface. It uses the MVC architecture.

The Model View Controller (i.e. MVC) structure is the best design pattern for web applications. MVC architecture divides a web application into three primary layers. The model layer abstracts a domain-specific data model and interacts with the data persistence layer on its behalf. The Controller interacts with the user through an interface (e.g. a webpage). The Controller after receiving information or requests from the user routes these to the application and returns the application’s response to the user. The View layer adds presentation templates (e.g. styles, themes, etc.) to the data that comes from the model layer, before it is sent back to the user interface by the Controller.


MVC architectures perk up the development, scalability and maintenance of web applications by dividing their critical components into separate layers that can be enhanced or exchanged without affecting the other layers. It uses Drupal as the Content Management System (CMS) at the backend which performs the core functionality of ecommerce website development.


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